November 8, 2016

Landing Page (Microsite) Design

As everyone becomes more familiar with Internet browsing and online advertising, customers are quickly learning how to overlook anything that does not immediately capture their attention or appeal to their personal interests or tastes. This means that your website must immediately make a positive first impression and encourage every potential customer to further explore exactly what it is you have to offer them. It is here that the design of your landing page becomes essential in increasing conversion rates.

Our knowledge and experience tells us that thoroughly optimising your landing page is just as important as the successful implementation of a comprehensive Adwords strategy. Your landing page must deliver whatever it is your customers were promised when they clicked through. This will demonstrate to them that you are keen to meet their needs and want to earn their trust. From your perspective, if you don’t immediately meet the expectations of your customer, they will leave your website. A percentage of your Adwords budget will have been used, but you will not have secured a successful conversion.

Our multi-disciplinary team can design and create a microsite that fully integrates with your PPC strategy, in order to drive through conversions and secure optimum performance. Your microsite will be fully responsive, with validated code that is compatible with all browsers and devices. Each page will also be fully optimised for speed, because we know that these elements help to ensure that your customers have a great user experience on your website every time. Once we have designed your microsite, it will be thoroughly tested for effectiveness to ensure that it is delivering positive results and fully reflects your brand and ethos.

There are many elements that go into the creation of a first class microsite, with an impactful and fully optimised landing page. Our experience within the industry means that we understand how to secure high conversion ratios within a fast paced and ever changing Internet environment.