November 2, 2016

Pay Per Click Management

In our busy online lives, finding the right website for our needs quickly and easily has become ever more important. Having a website that quickly and easily delivers customers has therefore become ever more important to businesses and those that market them.

Pay Per Click, or PPC, has long been established as an essential element of the digital marketing mix, and essentially is a method by which a website is promoted to potential visitors in return for a fee when the advert gets a click. The most popular method of PPC is search engine advertising, which uses the sponsored links that appear in search engine results when a particular keyword is searched for. Companies bid for their advert to appear in these sponsored links. Often, marketers refer to “paid’ or “organic.” search engine listings. Paid listings are those delivered by PPC, whilst organic listings are those delivered by the content of the website and any on-site search engine optimisation.

Google AdWords is the most popular PPC advertising system. When a phrase is typed into Google, in addition to the organic listings, Google analyses which of its PPC customers is addressing the content of the phrase, and which have bid the most for the opportunity to be shown in the sponsored listings, and then displays their advert.

Ensuring that any PPC campaign is performing at its best is more than just a case of choosing keywords and writing an advert, however. Pay Per Click management is crucial, to ensure that the clicks keep coming and that the adverts appearing remain relevant. Otherwise, like any poorly managed marketing activity, there is no return on investment.

Ecap’s Expert PPC management solutions regularly review the relevance and performance of the keywords being used, monitor the success of the campaign and refine the strategy as necessary. We make use of a plethora of online tools to ensure the best possible conversion rate and the generation of plenty of good quality, targeted website traffic.

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