November 8, 2016

PPC Campaign Design

In using paid per click services (PPC), you pay for your adverts to appear in the search results when someone types in your target keywords as they look for an item or service. For the best results from a PPC campaign, it is advisable to target a highly specific audience or promote a special offer.

There are several platforms from which to choose for PPC advertising. Each has its pros and cons. Google is the most popular but is also the most expensive. Yahoo and Bing are used less frequently but you can reach a different audience at a lower cost. With social media, Facebook is a compelling option, due to its wide user base. However, maximising the effectiveness of Facebook ads can be more demanding as it requires some background work.

Paid marketing only becomes profitable if the campaign design is tailored specifically to your business and goals. An e-commerce enterprise must structure its PPC campaign differently to that of a lead generation company, with radically different landing pages.

All PPC endeavours, however, include some basic elements:

– All associated campaigns should be run under one account. Each campaign is linked to ad groups; this provides the opportunity to be more specific at the product or service level.

– Ad groups contain the crucial keywords that match those people generally use to search for a product or service. Getting them right is essential in ensuring that the ads appear frequently in the search results.

– Several campaigns should run simultaneously for A-B testing; a single word can make a huge difference in achieving a successful campaign.

– Landing pages should be highly relevant to the keywords to secure high-quality scores; this results in a higher ranking on the search engines.

If a PPC campaign is correctly designed, the results will be rewarding and campaigns need constant monitoring and refinement. Why not contact us today and benefit from our many years of experience in delivering profitable campaigns.